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Excerpts from "The Proximity of Being," a multimedia film collaboration. Created for Luminaria San Antonio 2016. Contemporary choreographed movement interprets every person's need for connection to others and solitude.

Filmed as it was presented when it premiered at Dignowity Park, this public art installation featured as many as 12 simultaneous video projection mapped onto multiple surfaces of a 9ft pyramid of cubes. The films included videography, special effects and stop motion animation for an absolutely mesmerizing experience.

Thanks to the Luminaria San Antonio and the many fans whose support and generous donations made this project possible.

The Proximity of Being Collaborators:
Amber Ortega-Perez: Choreographer, performance, video editing
Charles Perez: Choreography and performance
James A. Borrego: Videography, lighting, and special effects and sound editing.
John Ward: Special effects laser lighting and laser projection mapping, special effects video, construction, video editingprojection mapping
Barbara Felix: Concept, project management, social media/web promotion and stop motion and text animation, sound editing.

Original music score composed by Mike Wall of Sound for Movement.

The Proximity of Being Promo
Multimedia Collaborative Installation
12ft w X 9ft t