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I'm delving into the arena of experimental film and animation. I was inspired to move in this direction from comments on the images from Bailando con Mi Misma on how people could feel the movement in that work,

Recent exposure to working in Adobe software such as Premier and After Effects made me realize that I can make my images really move. That sparked my concept for The Proximity of Being: to work with actual dancers instead of appropriating bodies as I had been doing, using the gestural style that is becoming my signature mark making method.

Last summer I had the opportunity to attend the Currents New Media Festival in Santa Fe and was blown away by what I saw happening there. I am even more inspired and determined to find opportunities to work in the moving media space.

Through my new friendship and working relationship with choreographer Amber Ortega-Perez of Spareworks.dance, I met Brenda Burmeister of Mockingbird Media. Brenda invited me to participate in a project for the Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival,which led to my first ever performance art film, "Pertenezco Aqui - I Belong Here."

I am also learning coding for artists to explore other ways to add movement to my work, and puppetry for claymation and will continue to add to this section.