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I Belong Here - Promo Video

I Belong Here is a short performance art film of protest and call for compassion. It’s inspired by immigrants in the United Stated who are threatened by deportation because of the Trump Administration's plan to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Through my improvisational movements, original poetry (presented in English and Spanish), and music score. the film shows the chilling uncertainties and resolve of DACA holders, also known as "Dreamers," by answering the questions: “What makes you feel like you belong?" and "What would happen if that were taken away?” Overall, I Belong Here offers viewers a reflective meditation on what Dreamers, and others under threat in their homelands, endure.

I Belong Here, 'premiered at the 2017 Luminaria Contemporary Art Festival as part of an augmented reality (A/R) project to be viewed on mobile devices using the Aurasma app, presented by Mockingbird Media & Art in partnership with Artpace. I produced and edited, I Belong Here, filming myself, composing the music and co-writing the poetry with my sister, Inez Saenz, who narrates the poem. Runtime: 6:17 minutes.